This changes everything again…er, again?

Electronics show to bring fiercer competition to iPad

This is great news, as once again apple lead the way and the masses follow, forcing the issue of price and function back into the open market. I think that even though the technology field is often led my Apple’s innovations there is always a slight problem in the way that Apple control the release of features and manipulate their fans and buyers so blatantly.
Also, I am keen to buy the first cheaper tablet that has flash enabled. Even though HTML5 is supposed to supplant flash animation it will still be some time before it disappears ( if at all! ) and there is a lot of interactive content that relies on it… I think that Apple may have shot themselves, if not in the foot, at last close enough to ruin their best pair of sneakers in that respect.

I can’t wait to see the prices tumble and the features skyrocket! Looks like my five-year technology plan might be adjusted again, er… again!


Have you googled yourself lately?

Google yourself
70% of HR professionals will now search for your digital footprint on the web… already there are cases of students being turned down from colleges and kicked out of schools or denied graduation because of public performances on the web… time to make sure these kids really know that their digital footprint is here to stay!


Facebook Wants to Supply Your Internet Driver’s License – Technology Review

This is a very interesting article… a great example of how a popular web “fad” can gain legitimacy and morph into something else. I can see how the security issues raised by their methods of cookie handling would be a concern – especially if more banks like the one in New Zealand ( doh! ) start to use such an insecure website as Facebook to access banking information! The new cookie sniffing add-on for firefox… what possible legitimate use could you have for running such a programme!

Welcome to 2011!