Fostering deep reading on digital devices

ipad_kidThere’s no doubt that the experience of reading online is different than reading in print, and emerging studies have found student comprehension and retention are lower on digital devices. As teachers we have got some time-proven effective pedagogies under our collective belts to develop students’ reading abilities using traditional print media. As we move further and further into an age saturated with digital media, however, how do we foster the same “deep reading” and comprehension that we have been able to achieve with printed text?

“The same plasticity that allows us to form a reading circuit to begin with, and short-circuit the development of deep reading if we allow it, also allows us to learn how to duplicate deep reading in a new environment. We cannot go backwards. As children move more toward an immersion in digital media, we have to figure out ways to read deeply there.” Maria Konnikova, New Yorker.

The following article discusses many reasons why reading digital materials is different to reading traditional print-based texts. What are the challenges these issues raise for teachers trying to grow young readers holistically?



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